Repsoting via Campaigns

I am using EB+Scrapers. I can repost single images through the Campaigns but as I know it’s not possible to repost albums or videos via EB. API is needed for that and some users are having issues reposting via API.
Any way to repost Albums and Videos safely?

why can’t you use the API for reposting, do you have any issues with that?

I am doing EB+Scrapers and avoiding API at all. I heard some people have issues with API+EB
Any thoughts?

well, you can’t repost albums/videos using EB so if you want to accomplish that you need the API, also, why would API+EB cause issues? people are using the browser to check their IG (which is EB on Jarvee ) and they check their account from the phone too ( which is the API on Jarvee)