[Request] Building a sms relay system using real sims for MP users

Hey guys, this seems like a impossible thing, and at first i wanted to put into the request section but i thought it’s not related to features. But i just want to say it anyway.

Basically, can the MP team create their own sms relay system paired with API for MP users to purchase and use?

There were already a ton of sms service to use that’s existed, why not leverage on existing ones to get the job done?

But the reality is, they’re not working out for everyone.


real sims

they are all overs-spammed and over-recycled. some of them claimed they only use it once and other people can’t use it, but truth is they’re lying. why use it once when you can milk it as much as you can right?

Then, there are also special cases of real sims. This is the most important, only for you, and supports re-verification.

real sims with api

real sims with no api

For dingpva, it’s new so lack of numbers, and is very costly to maintain in the long run. .60$ per month, .05 per sms .If you chose to not renew it, then it goes to another user. Basically will end up being recycled, although not as over-spammed as smspva and the likes since they’re new. After calculation, it ended up being the same price as my local telco charges per year.

For getmycode2day, it’s reasonable price, but they only handle it via skype manually. 20 numbers for 40$. Re-verification via skype only, so if you have a bunch of them, get ready to waste some bit of your time.

Both of them are not ready to bring it out in the open for business. It means, when you actually need something done, or need a batch of numbers, they don’t have it, and can’t do it on the spot for you.

So if someone can come up with the 2 above, API + reasonable price, then you will win the game.


This would be interesting indeed, however it’s not really that simple, you need access to a lot of cheap sim cards and you need the know-how to create the hardware support for it. You can’t simply have several phones and keep changing sims manually, that would be a huge endeavor.

You need a system that would allow you to enter hundreds of sims at the same time and be able to receive messages on all at the same time without you needing to do anything and such a thing does not exist on the open market. The ones that provide this probably built it for themselves.

If anyone can do this though, please be my guest, it would be great for all of us :slight_smile:

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I too have been trying to figure out long term solutions for verifying IG accounts. I was using TextPlus and had over 2,000 accounts. They were working perfectly for a while, and then last week it all stopped suddenly. I was so upset that day. I found a few methods which am using that are just temporary (will be banned due to spamming), until I can find a permanent solution.

Right now, I am working with a developer to make a new website like TextNow. However private for my 10k accounts.

One I figure out the total costs for this, I will share them in case others want to make their own TextNow like website.

If all works out well, I will be creating a second website like TextNow and use different numbers for others to use for a comparable fee. Ill be sure to add an API, so it can save you loads of time. Each number would be dedicated to you for a monthly rate + a specific amount of free verification (If you need more, there will be a small additional price). If an account is canceled, then we would add that number to the very bottom of the list so it gets a cool down before getting used again.


i know there are already people who’s using hundreds to thousands of sims from UK numbers. I like the idea of building a textnow clone, but in reality that’s not necessary unless you also want to monetize people who want to use a virtual number.

The key point is the API, because as you said you have thousands of accounts, having a front facing web server is actually pointless, as we only need the API on the backend. I can’t imagine having to open up a website to receive 2000 numbers every day, let alone 10.

Basically, if you’d build such a system, it will be exactly like smspva and the likes, minus all the negative side of their milking scheme, and at a reasonable price, then it will work out well.

Those guys claim to have thousands of numbers, but if you alone already consume 2000, what about the whole world who’s using them? On one hand i can understand the cost price why they have to re-use those numbers (i doubt they keep a stock of 100k sims), on the other hand i think they either have a bad system (cool down timer as you said), or just plain want to exploit people, and/or a combination of both.

Being smspva, it’s probably not profitable at all if they were to have a long cool down and cheap price. So the only way to be profitable is to milk it, but giving false hope and saying (our numbers work every single time someone said otherwise) is just not right at all.

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I totally understand what you have said and it make sense.

I first plan to do this for my own sake since I have so many accounts, its actually cheaper for me to make my own TextNow clone website to activate all my accounts. These numbers will be dedicated for my accounts only. If I notice this is working well, I would then think about creating a second Text Now clone (with different numbers), and think of a way for them not to get abused. Who knows, it may not work for public use, however the options is still available for others to create TextNow clones and use it exclusively for their own accounts.

I have looked into physical sim cards, and using those to activate my accounts, however the method of actually receiving the text is very expensive since you need hardware to plug the sim cards in. The costs around $3,000 for a machine which hold 100 Sim Cards. I would have to buy lots of these machines, in order to activate all my accounts. So instead I have been looking down the lines of virtual numbers that are not abused. Its cheaper, and no hardware is required.


Interesting, I didn’t know this was a valid option. Who actually offers services like this, are they the actual phone companies themselves or 3rd party providers?

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I’ve found a few of them virtual numbers. It’s not cheap at all, about $1 per month. UK ones are cheaper at 0.5.

Yeah, i’m pretty suprised that those machines cost that much when i did the research and to think they came from china and it’s nothing fancy at all. But it’s not a consumer product, so i guess the price can’t be driven by demand.

I’ve actually thought of, hey, what if someone built a textnow forwarder? But i’ve got a few fails on textnow, it’s not insta-ban, but the sms never came. I switched to nextplus, received it in 5s. So yes, you’re right, the reasonable price method is to find for virtual and API it. Your clone will not be individual number each account (i mistakenly thought you meant having each account for each number), instead it will be consolidated, so you only log in once and see all the numbers.

Would be good to see it come to past. Good luck with your journey.

@Johnny I am still in the beginning stages of this, so I dont know to much to be honest. Once I learn more on my end, and continue to work with the developer I will share what I learn.

I dont even know how TextNow works hahaha. All I know is that they use virtual numbers, which are not physical sims. I would assume these are VOIP numbers or something along those lines.

Thanks for the great reply.

Are the numbers $0.5-$1/month? or are the received SMS that much?

That seems quite affordable to me knowing that they have not been abused as much.

Is your source private, or are you willing to share where you found those virtual numbers?

Its all up on the google ads. You would’ve came across them when searching for SMS API messaging platform, along the lines.

They are virtual, so there’s also the risk that these guys are the backbone of textnow and the likes. I read somewhere one of the companies are powering the numbers behind these free voip apps.

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Great to know thanks :slight_smile:

I will be sure to ask my list of questions before concerning them as my source for virtual phone numbers. Wish me luck :slight_smile:

good luck and keep us posted on how this is going :slight_smile:

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Without making another topic,i have a question.When IG asks you to phone verify,will it let you add the phone number,or it uses the number the accounts were PVA in the first place( all accounts are PVA ,but with fake numbers).I am asking because i don’t remember geting a phone verify since ages,but in case i get one and i dont have the number will that account be lost?

I have found that any number works to verify the account.


From my experience you can:*

  • using a phone number from china one day, then the next day verify with a usa number without problems. This goes for your aged account also.

I have lots of aged accounts, and I just use random numbers to verify them.

Make sure to get a second opinion before proceeding. Just because I was successful does not mean you will be, The number you may be using could have been abused already, thus banning your account if you use it.


yep, for now any number works, not sure why they got back to that but it’s good for many people :slight_smile:


Great thanks for the confirmation.

My theory is that to many IG users change their phone numbers ever 2 years when they change plans or if their phone is stolen. This is based on the amount of friends I have that send me texts to say they changed their number again and to delete the old one and add their new one. I get these texts every few weeks. So if its that common, many people would complain to IG that they cant get their old number back to verify their IG account.

Lets hope they keep these settings as is, since its already difficult AF to verify now :smiley:

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yes, this is definitely a good thing for anyone marketing on IG :slight_smile:

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You mean, use the china pva from day one to register? I did that, but have the same question, do you keep the numbers in there or take it out? I’m more concerned about the in-ability to use the other virtual numbers.

I tried with non PVA acc, got hit with PV, and used the same china source and it was banned. Then again i also read it’s a combination of numbers, or IP. But strangely, i’m on a home IP, so that should have told me i’m more “trusted” than a datacenter IP.

/Maybe I should have one major thread in regards to creation and PVA. It’s all over the place. :sweat_smile:

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You have lost 2000 fb accounts and U Still Alive ??

i lost 100 accounts i stopped working for 6 months and i am back Now because i need cash :stuck_out_tongue:

@dddd China was just an example, and a bad one in fact since most china numbers are flagged. I was trying to explain that you can verify an account with 1st Number (from Country A) and later verify with 2nd number (from Country B). You could also use different phone numbers from the came country. Its does not matter. What matters is who used the number before, and if it was abused. This is one of many variables.

There are so many variables that take place. Not just the network and phone number. Its also the history of the accounts which has hundreds of factors. I made a post HERE which explains a few more of the factors.

There is no way to write a rule book on how to have perfect success with creating and verifying. By the time the rule book was published Instagram will change their algorithm.

I would recommend to constantly read peoples suggestions, guides, and other forum posts. Make sure you check the date to see if it was posted within a few months. The older it is, the less likely it works anymore. Compile all that you have learned, and you will be much better off. Continue to do this as much as you can as things change in a heart beat.