REQUEST: The Great Test [F/U Method Jv testings]

I understand this thread has now been moved to level 2 but can we please be notified of the end results of this as this seemed to be super helpful @TrAff1Monster x


yes please

also 10 likes short of lvl 2 :smiley:


Hello, guys. Already missing some of you and willing to see you on LVL2 faster.

Yesterday, when I got level up, I confirmed the rules that it is forbidden to disclose any information that I got from LVL2 threads. Though, the thread we are talking about was made by me - it is on one hand. On the other hand there are not only rules, but also the reason for the thread to be moved to LVL2.

I’m not so experienced in this forum’s rules, but I’m almost sure that I can not share any info from that topic on LVL1 threads, still probably I can share it in private messages to some of you, guys.
I would like to hear the opinion of @Race44 in order not to make a mistake during my first day of LVL2.

Anyways, I believe that you will get to the upper level soon and we will have a lot of freedom and space to share our results with each other. @andrejo , I’m sure you will get here soon. Also, please double check the detailed explanation of the LVL2 requirements, likes are not the only condition.


Thanks for coming back to us and totally understand. Gotta follow the rules. I’m hopefully not too far off level 2 so fingers crossed will get there soon


Woow good job bro, I need like 80 more likes SEE YOU IN LVL 2 BRO


Is really sad to be able to see such a great post then you come back the next day and is gone. I don´t think is a good practice to do this, you alienate level 1 users.

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I don’t think that is going to help you at all mate.


I´m not interested in this forum anymore if it treats LEVEL 1 users with this level of disrespect.

Chill out man. It’s one thread that is very informative and belongs higher up. Deal with it like everyone else did before they moved up a level.

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Respect is earned. You’re not entitled to anything from any of us.