Research: How Much Bandwidth Uses An Instagram Account On Jarvee


I did this research a few weeks ago because I am always asked how much bandwidth uses Jarvee for IG. Usually, those asking this question are looking to buy proxies for their operation.

Long story short, here’s the findings of my simple experiment:

I hope this is helpful information.

Full research is here.


nice share! I guess if you use a scrapper account (without proxy) the bandwidth used will be lower since the main account is not scraping, but maybe it will not make that much different.

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@ossi Yes, it will save some data, but it will be minimal. As you said, won’t make much difference.

Even with a scraper account, your main account (the active one that will do the actions) will still need to load the profiles of users to follow.

With one scraper account you will save data when scraping follow sources, so instead of loading one account 100 times per month, you load it once when scraped.

Thank you for the share @Chris_Roark :pray:

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Hi @Chris_Roark, looks interesting, this was working with API right?
I assume, most users work with EB and Full Embed experience, my accounts are consuming Gigas per month with 100% EB :sweat_smile:

@Chris_Roark you should really do a live test. The practical usage is much much higher, especially considering all the actions and behavior required to have an account running for a long period of time without issues.


For such a number of actions, you can multiplicate this 24.3 MB by at the very least 5 times.

Expected : between 500 MB and 1.5 GB / month

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At least 1.5-15gb depending on the actions. (Sorry that I did not post that earlier)

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I guess it depends on multiple factors, which i believe can be :slight_smile:

  • Total number of actions,

  • How fast the actions are made (the more you’ll stay on the platform, the more you’ll spend data, ofc),

  • The number of pages you actually load, in order to do these actions (for instance, different ways to follow people ; from a list, on the profile itself, from context,…).

With a fast script (200 F / 200 U / 30 DMs per day), i tracked hundreds of my accounts last month and i ended up with 1.0 (min) to 3.0 GB (max) from mars to april. These accounts were running at full speed for the whole month,

But they avoid loading every profil pages, thus it can save some good amount of data :sunglasses:

On Jarvee tho, much more actually


yup, mines were about 18GB x month with 100% EB + FULL embed experience, slow settings and “real human” actions here and there I know that’s not what everyone’s does, and probably on the limit of max usage.


Oh yeah. I messed up and didn’t see it was about Jarvee as the OP said :slight_smile:

Thus, much higher :sweat_smile:

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@Noirorion It was a app and EB test. At least this is how I authenticate in my account.

@HenryCooper The test was done with a set limit number of actions and then I multiplied the data usage for recurrent actions.

As you see the responses from people above, those numbers might be a bit too optimistic :slight_smile:

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Do you notice a difference using full browser experience? I’ve never used it, but from the people I know who did… it didn’t make any difference. Would love to know if that differs from your results… and if they do, what difference?