Reselling IG growth?

Hey guys, I was growing client accounts with Jarvee last year but stopped when everything got very difficult.

I was wondering what you all thought about possibly engaging an existing IG growth service (like Upleap or Social Captain) and essentially re-selling their services to new clients.

I’m not sure if any of these services offer ‘agency’ type accounts, so that could be a barrier. If you know of any that do, please also let me know!

Wanted to see if anyone has done this or knows anyone who has :slight_smile:



@Noirorion and others on here are better than hiring those, as you’ll be better taken care of :slight_smile:

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Would these people be willing to manage my clients if I pay them?

I’m sure some will be! I’ll send you a DM with a couple providers I know

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Thank you for this! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Of course! Hope it works out, stay safe and healthy!

Reselling useless service that will not get you results? Why would you do that… You better look into Story ads or figure out something how to grow accs first then you can get a lot of business.

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Nice following count :sweat_smile:

This is kinda what we all do here. Sell our own growth services to clients.

I would advise against the two you listed. They will provide poor/fake followers and engagement.

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interested also for manual growth services so if anyone knows some legit providers let me know


May I also have that list?


PM if you still looking for manual :slight_smile:

and me please.