Response time Proxy

Hello MP-addicts

If i go to proxymanager i see most proxy ips have 700/1700 ms response time.
Is this good ? What is the perfect response time.
Each proxy i use with 3x insta 1x twit.


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Want to know this as well :smiley:

Perfect? 1ms of course

For a 700ms, your proxies and server peering is very bad. Even from SE asia to EU with bad peering I get 330ms average.

Use this

Hmm… the MP proxy test is either not accurate or is doing something else. It gives me a higher latency readout than is tested via normal ping test. I suspect it’s doing login action each time verify is clicked, once the initial stage is passed the connection will quite likely be normal.

Reason why i ask this is all my twitter accounts gets : Unusual activity just after 1 day i run them.

By example 3 dags ago i verifyd 40 twit accounts.
Only follow/unfollow around 100 max a day
But evn this without posts or something only follow/unfollow i get the next day unusual activity.
Accounts reached the max results.
I have setup nightmode 8 hours

Maybe bad proxys ?

i use High Procy and obtained in Italy with a server in Italy a rtesponse time of 1610 ms, nto good!