Restart new attempt to earn money


About 2 months ago I started adventuring with CPA when I read in January and February the threads seemed to me to be a matter of weeks and you could make a lot of money. Today I know it does not work. I spent some money on this investment unfortunately did not return. Thank you to all the users who answered my questions! Look at my stats - Liftmygram and claimiphone7 work only two days and then I received bans in turn the niche pokemoncois, kylielit and fifa coins worked but did not make a profit.

Now I plans to open store in shopify. Does anyone who has experience and could recommend good links worth reading or generally give a tips?

I still have a few days of MassPlanner license I would like to use it well.


Good luck with this. I suggest searching some free courses about shopify on udemy. I can assure you that there’s money to be made in building an ecommerce store using fb groups and IG.


@euhero How do you recommended manage IG ? 1 acc for all niche or 1 acc to one niche, all niches are of a similar species ? - I ask about shopify


It depends on what you are trying to build, really. Give us more specific information and we will see if we can suggest you the best to go about this.


if you’re planning for dropshipping i would suggest go for oberlo app (aliexpress dropshipping) it can import any products to your shopify with one click, just install the app and the browser extension then go aliexpress and start importing the products , there are plenty of tutorials on it on their app page
also for start you can watch this beginner tutorial while this free coupon work


If you use this extension and somebody order from your shopify site, you must order from aliexpres and put your shipping address or how is with this extension?


We have some threads about this topic :slight_smile:

There is some useful stuff inside!

Good luck and keep us updated :slight_smile:


That is correct, in addition they got oberlo’s chosen inventory(its from aliexpress too) you can use their Fulfill Orders Automatically
but if you ask me those products over-priced, better to find your own


Kabo i got this : Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!


Oh, sorry, my bad…It´s a level 2 thread


You can try the shopify forum:

A lot of shitty threads but also a few that i found really helpful. I just started a shopify store a few months ago and have been doing ok but could definitely make better use of facebook though mp.