Restoring engagement

I have a few friends accounts that over the past year have had huge declines in engagement.
One is a travel account with 51k followers. Last year they were getting 1200-1500 likes per post without any help. then that number started to decline and they were paying instagram to promote the post. 6 months into that now if they dont pay instagram to promote a post it will only get 150 likes.

the content is good they use hashtags not a perfect 33% rule etc etc but they do a decent job.

my question here is does anyone know a good way to start building back the engagement on accounts like this?


the accounts grow organically or that they grow using automation?

it was automation but theyve been off for almost a year now. since they stopped they started paying for IG ads and thats when it all went own hill

Does he post videos?
Videos seem to help my accounts.

Like the photos of your own followers, so bigger chance they like back.

no videos its all just pictures. maybe I’ll tell him to start putting together some videos

yeah I was thinking about setting that up for him.

Also try albums,that also worked for me.

Going off insta adds if that’s what they are using will usually result in decrease of engagement. BUT that is only temp. The engagement will increase again.

That is the MAIN issue. Get a good account with good performing videos and albums. That works for travel explore/hashtags. I usually check what’s on explore for niche I am interested in.

So let’s say average of an interesting account is 1k likes and there are posts with 4k likes every now and them.
Scrape those that stand out, check them out, post them 2 times per day.
I usually use existing caption with some small wording/format changes, same hashtags + sprinkled some general niche ones.

Give it some time, might take a week, might take a month depending on the account audience quality/activity. When it picks up it will grow with

I guess it’s different from niche to niche.I do this for 5 travel profiles of a client of mine. They were bleeding and had terrible stats w/o f/uf but now working really well with content only.

P.S All fully grown with F/UF to current 30-70k size


With all the above suggestions on content, it also takes time.

Investigate where the bulk of that engagement came from when the account was doing well.
Its possible that it was snubbed by either 1) hashtags or 2) Explore feed.

If it was the explore feed, that may make more sense. Hashtags can become competitive, but people can still get views (which translates to engagement) from them, given enough time.

Regardless, shareable type content will help get it the exposure it needs to have the best chance at restoring that engagement.

Use the prior replies suggestions consistently for a few weeks to a few months for it to kick back in on the right side of the platform.


I appreciate everyones replies on this!! Seriously huge help.

Anyone noticed that stopping follow/ unfollow method helped restoring engagement?

In the case above yes. Stopped everything so all the blocks are distant history. F/UF Blocks were lowering reach and were not bringing any value, in terms of followers or engagement.

Though I think F/UF can bring value on smaller accounts in term of ER but the content and sources have to be good.

Okay, but when you stop doing f/unf on main account, what else there is to grow “organically?” Do you just post content, respond to dm’s, comments and that’s all? Or you need to use m/s to keep growing?

Just content and related hashtags. Nothing else. It grows from explore page.

not in this case. stopping follow unfollow is actually when everything started to decline