Retargeting users who clicked bio link

Whats the path taken to retarget users that have clicked on the instagram BIO link?

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Google Analytic or FB Pixel.

Not sure if at any of them you are able track which exactly is from link in BIO.
You will see traffic that it`s from IG for example.

Remarketing ADs with placement only on IG would be good as well.

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fb pixel if you plan to retarget in fb and so on for each platforme like adword or w.e

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Add UTM’s and retarget from there, However this looks quite odd in the bio. Another option is to use a URL link shortener (Like rocketlink) which has the pixel integrated into it.

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each platform has its own UTM’s?

If you use Google’s UTM’s you will always be able to retarget them. For example:
You add an UTM like ‘‘campaign01’’ to the link which you will use to create a custom audience on Facebook to retarget with website viewers.

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thank you sir

Anytime mate, let me know if there’s anything else I can help with

How do i do this on facebook can someone quickly explain? :slight_smile:

do GA updates data on real time or takes time to update?

GA updates real time yes, You’re more dependent on Facebook to update the custom audience.

Go to your business manager on Facebook an follow these steps:

  1. Go to Assets - Click ‘‘Audiences’’;
  2. Click ‘‘Create audience’’ and ‘‘Custom audience’’;
  3. Click ‘‘Website’’;
  4. Adjust ‘’ all website visitors’’ to ‘‘people who visited specific web pages’’ and enter your entire URL or just the UTM (incase you have various different links for you campaign);
  5. Adjust time frame to anywhere between 1 and 180 days;
  6. create audience and wait a few hours for it to populate.
  • Make sure tho when using custom audiences that the audience size is OK in size, as Facebook tends to increase CPM’s tenfold when using a too small audience size for it to optimize efficiently.

Placed this in a different category as it’s more so about retargeting and how to do it, rather than Instagram.

Great thread to help people :+1: Thanks @Zyzz for contributing goodness :smiley:

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