Retry posting with EB working but no COMMENT and cropping photo

When posting through API pic is posting with no caption, have the delete if caption empty checked, retry posting through EB works, caption is there, but picture is cropped and there’s no [COMMENT] posting under the pic with dynamic hashtags I have set…is this a bug?

there is a thread already for this matter you need to change your captions, and the hashtags. You account is flagged with IG and it’s not a JV problem


Thank you friend, can you refer me to the thread? Can’t seem to find it using the search.

I appreciate your help!

Same here, please send us the thread.

here it is :wink:

Thank you for the link but it’s Not the issue I’m talking about…the retry with EB is working with caption but no COMMENT, and I was told they are adding functionality to make it work in EB :+1: