Retweet not working (Jarvee)

This is the error message I am receiving yet I know full well that there are tweets to be retweeted from my source.

Any thoughts?

These are my filters.

make sure your account language is English from the Embedded browser then send all related settings screenshots to their support and they will help you with this and if there is any bug there they will send it to their developers to be fixed.

How often do you get that error 41? i got the same error once today, but now the tool is working again. I was thinking there’s just no more tweets from that specific source.

all my accounts, all the time. no idea why it’s doing this.

Does it work if you run the Retweet tool while keeping the EB open? I think you should contact the customer support regarding this issue.

I would also try it manually to see if there`s any temp block!

This worked when I left the eb open… Though 50 eb open isn’t a good long term solution. Lol
Thanks for the tip though. Any further ideas?

Yes, that is just a temporary solution that could be an issue, you should contact Jarvee support team and they will help you.

It seems there’s a bug in the retweet tool. It needs to be fixed by their developers. Send an email to support with your logs, so that they can fix it asap.

It depends on the tweet you’re trying to retweet. If the tweet is hidden (i.e. adult content), Jarvee won’t be able to retweet it. In order to retweet hidden tweets, you need to go to your Twitter account’s Settings > Privacy and Safety > Contents You See > and make sure you tick the check box.