Reusing old pics to drive new traffic?


Didn’t find any thread on this technique. Im growing my friends account and trying to post again some old but good pics of her (she is a model). I post theme with 30 hashtags and delete after couple of hours. Some one tried? Can I get a ban for that?

Thank in advance! :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can get banned for it, but let’ hear it from someone who tried it :slight_smile: I would also like to know if someone had success with this tactic.

How long do you wait before you delete and post same image again?

couple of weeks/month old

Not banned but your account may get flagged and will limit exposure.


@SorryNotSorry What about reposting a high engagement images like one you might use for your profile image again?

same content :slight_smile:But i suggest you try a couple of images :slight_smile: won’t hurt.

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MP can make your picture “unique” even if you’re reusing an old pic. Its a new pic as far as IG knows. The content of your caption should be different (spin it if necessary). This does obviously come with a risk if you over-do it. just my 2 cents