Reverse engineering app apis

Just a little bit of reading for those of you, who might be interested in knowing how an app is reversed engineered.


Thanks for this @Micky very informative!!

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My pleasure brother. Glad you liked it.

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Even though i’m not a coder i’ve always wondered. Will give it a read!

I am not either. I am an networking specialist, but this read was really good. Provides enough information to understand reverse engineering and Api. It is only 6 minutes of reading, but very informative

Thank you! If you guys wanna give this a test i recommend finding a coder on Fiverr or upwork and have them develop you something. I just got a script made for $40 that scrapes quotes from brainyquotes by tag and length.

Hey @Micky What kind of networking?

Mainly Juniper & Cisco my friend :slightly_smiling_face:

nice read, thanks for share :beers:

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Glad you liked it sir :beers:

The online reversing tool he provides is pretty useless, there’s some better one’s out there to do reversing. Also, most Android apps use cert pinning, weird how Lynda’s IOS one used it, but the Android one. Oh well :thinking:

Tbh. To me the process of how things are done was interesting to know. I am not fimiliar with any of the tools what so ever.

But this was like a very well described short overview. If you have anything similar please feel free to share