Review terms bug message

Hey, so I have this problem with Review terms message, on one account I got this message 2 days ago, terms are already confirmed and it’s says it’s all good, but when it tries to send message it doesn’t send it, it says I need to review terms again. I tried to go manually on phone on the app, I reviewed it there and loged in again on software, still doesn’t work, I tried to resed ID, clear cookies, going trough EB manually verify it, I can go to EB and send messages manually, it works that way, but it doesn’t want to send messages automatically. I am also using EB to send DM, so no idea what’s going on?

Also I just checked every time I refresh DM inside the app, I get message “You’re all set!” You’ve already reviewed our updated Data Policy bla bla,

Are you trying to use shared profiles?

Have you tried checking with their support about that particular issue?

What do you mean shared profiles?

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On jarvee theres an option that shares profiles. But, with the new laws in EU you cannot do this anymore

Maybe its related to the EU Regulation. You can not send Profile Cards anymore. I’ve seen people send Posts tho. But you have to keep the EU Regulation in mind if that is causing you problems

You should contact Jarvee support about that issue and will help you out.