Reward $ 100 to help me.(about cloaking tools)

Reward $ 100 to recommend me to join noipfraud.
Noipfraud is a cloak tool, if you know better cloak tools for facebook .
you can recommend to me too.
if it works with facebook on my campaign.
the Reward still valid.
if you have good stuff and you think the $100 is too cheap to buy your stuff
let me know
i will Raise the reward price only if the thing you offer was worth it
Only supports paypal and alipay.
Through skype guide me.
my skype name is yibosun (
i working time is from 9:30 to 17:30 by American time.

Did you try They have a free trial which you can try without submitting your CC.

do not know they have free trial
i think it is a little expensive
but thanks

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You might want to hide your email from the thread as you might get a lot of spam emails in the future. Good luck. is cheap and works good. works on fb ads and even on adword


Nice share @denial21 any way that you know if they only filter by user agent for ig ?

i will try it

i have talked to the owner, he says he uses some special code, blocks user agent + bunch of ip pool.

i have a cloaker which blocks user agent. it works fine for ig.

but the seting looks complicated

you seem to have alot of money to splash

complicated? i dont see anything complicated in there :smiley:

it is Because the time is more urgent
Under normal circumstances I will not be like this
please forgive

Hmm… But the thing is, the point being in IG, they check the domains first before any redirects happens. And the point of a cloaker, as they also pointed out, is to not having to buy and burn domains.

But there’s no way to run the same domain across all accounts in the first place, so what’s the use of it?

For FB, it’s usable, but not for IG.

Unless of course, it’s not about not buying domains, but just not having people to click a button and the redirect happens automatically in this case.

The way i see it, there’s no point in spending that money on a cloaker for IG if you can code a clickthrough LP anyway.

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i use cloaker on ig. i put direct aff link coz i dont want lp :grin: its also safer to use a cloaker. dont say it doesnt work

Try this and you will be happy! :sunglasses: