Right price for instgram aged accounts

I got a buyer, what is the right price to pay for aged accounts. I guess those are 9 months to 1 year old.


I would say about $1.50-2.50

agree with @Adnan, that’s the average price. Make sure to check the accts. age after buying. Cheers and good luck!

I have a feeling someone is going to be asking…

###How Can I Check To See If The Account Is Aged?

Method #1 - Look at the first posted picture on the account. See if the post date matches the advertised age of the account. If it does great! If it does not, proceed to method #2

Method #2 - Login to the email account used to create the Instagram account. Look in the inbox for the first email sent from Instagram. This email should contain the username of aged account and a welcome message. Look at the date of this email, and see if the date matches the advertised age of the account.

Use Caution
If the email accounts inbox is empty or is missing the welcome email from Instagram, then that means the seller secretly assigned a different email to the account after creating it. This gives the seller the ability to steal the account back at a later date since he can contact Instagram, report the account as stolen, then Instagram will communicate with the seller since he has the email account used to create the account. They usually wait a few months or longer once your account has more followers. Then they steal it back, and sell the account with the followers for hundreds.


Or there is this website


Ooo well thats a nice little tool :slight_smile:


Glad to know this, thanks to much of your help im hopefully headed in the right direction

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