Risk of using vps for automation tools help

I am new at these things currently researching about vps and automation tools and found out vps is most but I have some doubts will using vps make the laptop at risk I mean will there be some software changes and I won’t be able to use other functions of the laptop where I am using vps for automation will joining vps have any sort of risk at all Please help! And should I use vps in newly bought laptop or is it not worth it?

No, using VPS will not affect your laptop in a negative way. You connect to your VPS only when you want to make some changes on your automation tools. You also don’t need to buy a new laptop just to use Remote desktop app to connect to your VPS.

Sorry but I heard that we should be connected to vps 24/7 for always running automation on Instagram
So that means always connecting to vps will lead to any sort of like any even if small disadvantage please help

U connect just to change settings, then THE SOFTWARE runs 24/7 on VPS

No, that’s not true. Having a VPS is like having another computer. You don’t need to connect to it 24/7. Your automation tool will continue running on your VPS even if you turn off your computer.

You can use a free VPS from amazon AWS for one year. To try and know how it works.

Yes, the Amazon VPS has only 1GB RAM, so you can’t run more than 5 accounts. It’ s very slow.

use https://www.hetzner.com/