Robert Downey Jr (IRON MAN) Instagram Account Compromised

Today Robert Downey Jr shared a post on his facebook profile that his instagram account compromised (hacked). Yesterday Jason Mamoa instagram (Aquaman) account got hacked. I dont know what is going on but those hackers are going to make instagram very angry.


Ooops, he’s probably using those automatic posting services because he don’t have time to do it by himself ofc.

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people like him have entire social media/PR team behind him

RIP in piece his SMM team. :laughing:

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I am still utterly surprised on how these celebrities with PR teams and experts behind them manage to get their accounts hacked… Unless it is some insider from the management team

This business is very lucrative in last years i would compare it with selling stolen cr3dit cards that you can buy for $20-30 on darkmark3t, so dealing with IG accs and services makes a lot profit for everyone, and criminals are not sleeping they build and have advanced spyware that even latest Avp can’t detect in many cases so there is no much help if your computers are infected and PR team can’t do much if its already late. Criminals are stealing b.ank account credentials for years so don’t think Instagram is something very hard for them…