Rookie Doubts! Need some help here!

Hey guys, I have some rookie doubts, that I am sure you can help me with quite easily!

Thx in advance!

1 How can you access to the comments or Dm’s you receive from Jarvee if you can at all?

2 Can you use webs such as Hootsuite to schedule posts of your own, instead of using repost from other sources? Could this mean a red flag for IG, as I do not know if such web would mess with IP or anything that may be suspicious?

3 Can you upload stories to your IG account from Jarvee? And if so, how?

You can go Global Tools on jarvee and there you have “IG Direct Messages” and “IG Manage Comment” or on each account you have the same go for tools, click the account you want to DM or see comment’s “Manage comments” and “Direct Message” section

You can use Campaings too schedule post’s works like charm… Create “Destination List” with accounts you want to post go for “Campaings” and create one campain with the posts you want at the time you want too

Campaings too just like @Typhoon said :wink:

TIP. Instaed os reposting on account, redirect “repost tool” to campaing, is this away you can filter and see what account is scrapping


Living L3G3ND!

However I quite didnt get your no2 comment… It matters not wheter you use campaigns to post, or simply do it from Hootsuite?

Gratzie mille!

Mind on elaborating a bit more on the 3?? How would you do that?

Many thx anyways!!!

Been using Jarvee for months almost 1 year no problem’s posting :wink: jarvee is a great program thei have one team behind don’t forget! Almost every tool on Jarvee is great and they don’t leak. You might leak something on creation, changing proxy, etc

So it’s the same like posting by campaings.

  • To post by campaings you need to have destion list.
  • Create destination list, enable “wall” on profiles you want to post.
  • Go for campaing, choose that destination list choose the time everying import posts you want to use has stories.
  • Overview > Advanced Settings > Instagram > Post as part of your story instead of on the wall
    This option Jarvee will post has a story hope it help’s :wink:

Yes. I usually use Later (it’s like Hootsuite) to post beacuse it’s Instagram partner and they have access to the api. If you have a good IP you can use the “Campaign” function of Jarvee. :blush:

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So you saying its safest to use Later than Jarvee (for your own content) unless you have a proxy you know its not gonna mess with you?

Many thx!

Love you !!! Most clarifying!