Rotate 4g mobile proxies for more account actions

Hey guys, in the proxy manager is a Setting that you can rotate your proxies every 240 - 480 minutes.

I have 100 4g mobile proxies from cooper so far, Do you think it would benefit if I rotate the proxies every 15-30 minutes? Cause many times 6-10 proxies are down for some hours and so the proxies would rotate and work on the accounts which are down and would take turns

Do you experimented with rotating proxies so far? I know that when the proxies have the same location that it could benefit rotating them for more human behaviour


rotating proxy is very well…


In which time difference do you make it? 240 - 480?

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I’m also wondering about this as quite a few of my accounts aren’t reaching even half of their daily actions due to proxies being down. Does rotating ever cause issues with accounts?

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Same here, rotating reaches 120-150 f/u per day, but i want to have 500

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I would speak with their support before rotating proxies. They might be fine with it but I know when I have bought mobiles from them they typically want to know accounts in advance and should I ever need to swap accounts they want a 24 hour wait time before a new account is put on the mobile once I’ve removed an old one.

I don’t know enough about their setup or quality control to tell you if they’d allow this. @HenryCooper

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Do it is normal that when you set up the mobile proxies your accounts dont make the full actions at first? Feel kinda bad switching from highproxies to mobile proxies, even knowing that they are safier, but i feel only downside at this moment, my clients dont getting results, proxies are often down, very stressfull

Do you experienced same?

I done it cause henry is a trustful person and have much status here, so I think it is a good decision and what you hear from this service is very nice, i feel only bad for my clients that the accounts dont take actions

It was really bad this weekend but that was due to technical issues out of their control. I can’t fault them for that. Most days even with a few hours here or there most if not all my actions get through for the day for all my clients. I don’t use night mode though because I basically anticipate daily downtime and use that for the “rest period” for the accounts.

Ultimately though you need to do what you feel is best for your clients. I’d recommend avoiding jumping from proxy to proxy repeatedly trying to find a solution for them. That’s going to cause more issues for the account than anything else.

I’d stick it out for at least a couple weeks, adjust your settings to try to compensate for downtime and see if you can make it work. In the meantime source another possible solution, test it out with a few throwaway accounts and then make a decision in a few weeks based on the results. At least that’s how I’d handle it


@danielschkolnikow I would first consult your proxy providers. They’re likely also doing things behind the scenes to rotate the IP for you. Furthermore, if you have more than one proxy provider, it could really complicate things for them and for your clients’ accounts

In the mean time, to mitigate the issues with the downtime you may or may not have, I would really dive deep into the sources you use for each account, and continuously test so you can improve the follow back ratios and results for your clients, which I assume is ultimately your goal anyway rather than being able to just increase the actions overall



quality of source is more important than the number of operations.

it’s better follow 300 target accounts and get a followback of 100 than follow 700 target accounts and get 50 followers per day.

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The change from Datacenter IPs to Mobile IPs (if it is not the fake IP ranges) is a big difference in latency. While a Datacenter IP realistically has a response time from 200-800ms (depending on location and connection), Mobile IPs can go up into the 1000-4000ms range (if there is no cell tower issues). So just based on that (not even mentioning the difference between the proxy providers), it is a huge difference and you really want to adjust your settings to that. Scraping sources can take suddenly 1-3 time the amount (even in a perfect environment).

Regarding the recent issues - since you were referring to my service - we are working on that. Today or tomorrow the new apartment will be ready and as we speak we sign the contract for the next one, just to make sure everything can go operational. When we started to offer the services around a 1.5 years ago, some people might remember when we only had one location and the cell tower there died. We moved everything into a new apartment with good LTE and 1gbit up as fast as we could.

In the future we make sure that we have additional apartments already setup and rented in case a cell tower dies somewhere. Currently roughly… 20-30% of the proxies on the mobile tiers are affected. If a provider has only one location, 100% of the proxies would be affected. So I am already happy that it is not a complete shitshow. Sadly the Raw-Mobile Tier currently is in a better status then the Mobile Tier, but if the new apartments won’t fix that and the cell tower is not repaired by then, we gonna swap that out, so the Mobile Tier will have close to no issues again. Mobile Tier is definitely our priority since a lot of people earn their money they daily need with their agencies.

@danielschkolnikow of course you need to always act in your best interest, but I can ensure you we will fix those issues - like we always do - and will provide our Mobile IP service for as long as we can, even if it is just for a single customer :slight_smile: We started providing proxies in Dec 2016 and never stopped since then, were always reachable and transparent about what we are doing.


I would not use rotate function, but i would mix proxy providers, i think it’s never a good idea to rely only on 1 source. Having a few more backups proxy might solve the problem right now, changing it to the non working one.
But again, there are so many mobile proxy providers, test them all and differentiate, so if one have problems ( and will happen again) you’re mostly safe.

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Oh, I dont know that there was some problems that you solve my friend, I started in this phase and thought that would be the results, but now I know there will be something fixed, thanks!

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