Rotating 4G Proxy IP is bad?

I was using last months my own local 4G and rotating the IP every 30 minutes.
Everything was working fine, following more than 6.000 accounts per month and no blocks.

This Friday I noticed that everytime my IP rotate, one account gets action blocked (Compromised message bla bla bla but not blocked at all).

I think it is a new Instagram PURGE considering that you are rotating too fast the Mobile IP.
Does anyone noticed it ?

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Rotating proxy is worse then data center proxy.

Your network doesn’t have different ASN(autonomous system number) all day.

You’ve trigger their algorithm, nothing else.


think of 5 accounts all change ip at the same time and act the same… easy to detect

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Im rotating it now using 60 minutes delay.

Everything get back to normal :wink: Good to know that guys !

not a good idea if you have a few accounts under the same IP, that will definitely leave footprints considering you’re rotating at the same time for all the accounts.


Maybe the way your using rotation is flawed. What you should do is is do actions on 1 account rotate and then do actions on another account rotate and so on.

Also you haven’t mentioned how your rotating the accounts and how many… So it’s hard to respond.


Also a fixed rotation of 30 or 60 minutes is crazy. This should be a random interval. Imagine your driving through London moving between cell towers, are you really going to hit a new cell tower every 30 or 60 mins.

not cell towers … but base station, many cell towers connected to the same base station. so it can be 5. 10 + that will all have the same DHCP server.

What proxy are you using now?