RSS to email service?

I received a request from one of my clients to send him an email every time I publish a post on one of his accounts (I manage 2 of his accounts).

Sending emails manually is out of the question, so I had to find a way to automate this.

I created an IFTTT applet to trigger every time there was a post (RSS feed). IFTTT sends emails and this was working very nice for 2-3 weeks, then stopped for no apparent reason. IFTTT had problems with RSS feed, although it was valid.

Than I created the same applet on Zapier. It is working with huuuuge delay, sending emails 10 hours after posts were made.

Now I need a working solution to automate email notification after post is made on one of the pages.
How do I do this?

If Zapier and IFTTT are not working out… the only solution I see is hire someone to create a custom solution.

Check account for new posts ever X minutes > send email if YES. It should be relatively easy (inexpensive) to create and you can start offering to all your other clients as an added bonus maybe.


Or create an RSS feed from this site -

And subscribe your client’s email to the feed and email updates using this website -