Rules Of Engagement Using Facebook And Social Media

While Facebook is not for everyone, 80-90 percent of you can find your target audience using Facebook. There’s a number of things I’m using that’s working, so I wanted to share the results we’re seeing. While these will be specific to Facebook, many can be used on any social media platform.

Real Relationships - You’re worried about you, right? It’s human, you come first. However, you have to understand that social media is all about being “social.” If you want to use Facebook to grow your business, you have to build authentic relationships.

Lead With Value - This strategy can be used anywhere. If you want to build a faithful tribe, you need to lead with value. Rather than thinking about how much money you can make, start by asking yourself, “how can I help my audience get results?”

Know Your PCA - I see a lot of client business owners struggle with their message and offer. These two are vital to having a successful business. Facebook is the perfect platform to discover your PCA (Perfect Client Avatar). Want to know who your perfect clients are? Ask them what they want and deliver it.

Here’s some more on leveraging Facebook and social media to grow your business.
Check it out here.

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