Run a python script multple times a day online?

First. I am a noob at this kind of things.


I have a python script that i want to run 4 times a day. The script has an csv file as output. I prefer on a online environment. I have hosting(if thats needed:) ).

of course i used google first. But as said, i am a noob…

Anyone can help me out:)


just cron the script danny.

crontab -e

best described here


Hey @dma0245

You can also create a batch file and schedule windows to run it at set intervals. This is just in case you are as terrible at Linux as I am! Batch files are pretty easy to create.


or if you prefer GUI via cpanel


Thanks guys, looking great!

Had a teamviewer session with Master @HenryCooper. After some German cursing, it’s working!!!

Thanks again.


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Yup go with wortime’s solution if you’re on a windows server. Linux go with crontab

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Did your name change?

@g8f7e9x0w Those are some great suggestions as well!

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