Runing in android but without APP

NOTE: You can also use same techniqul for other application maybe you don’t need the UI.

I published a android APP which can make your phone as 4g proxy very easy, you can get detail here

But I think android is also a Linux sys, so maybe I can make a binarary file without UI and make it running.

So I did a lot of reasech work and finnally make it running in adnroid, you can see the following image, images 1 shows it works in a Oneplus3T phone, images2 shows the allproxy Client works in it.
You can aslo use nohup command with allproxy to make it running in background.
Image 1:

Image 2:

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In order to use that proxy created by app , we do not need to connect the phone to PC ? ONCE the app installed the proxy will work even when we access it from another location ? The very much

Yeah thats the point of a proxy.

thanks for the share , will def read it when i be level 2