Running accounts with no proxy on Amazon AWS Server


I just set up Jarvee on a free tier Amazon AWS Server.

Do I need a proxy for the accounts I run/create on the server (I used to run 3-4 accounts on my home desktop IP)?

Or can I run a couple of accounts without proxies and the VPS IP will be fine without getting my accounts banned?

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Most of those AWS IP’s are likely blocked, so you’ll need proxies to safely run them. Recommend getting some before you even try to log in with accounts.


Hi there,

It will not be safe to run on the AWS server without proxies as you may run into blocks and bans very quickly.

Datacentre proxies are cheap but you will be limited:

  1. limited likes per day even on old and run-in accounts suggested max 200-250 per day on a really good datacentre proxy and old trusted account.
  2. You won’t be able to use campaigns - it just doesn’t work anymore from datacentre proxies (in my experience)
  3. Follow/Unfollow is not too bad, just stick to F+U is <60 per hour.

If you want to use mobile proxies then you will be able to do more but there is a cost that comes with it

Third option (and a good one I think) is to set up your own proxy! I used an awesome guide on this forum to do it with a rasperry PI and it works very well for me. It will make it appear that your VPS is actually at your home and you should have similar performance to what you had with a PC running 24/7 at home.

Link to a guide I recently made that covers some of the stuff above and proxies:

Link to the awesome guide on building your own Raspberry PI proxy:

Good luck!

Edited: checked my numbers


but even then cant you still hit limits and eventually get your residential IP blocked? I’m talking someone with a warmed up account performing hundreds of actions per day ?


Amazon ip are probably already flagged, other less famous vps i would say yes, maybe you can. If those are account you care for and want to be safe, you may get a raspberry zero, which is very very cheap and use it as a proxy for your home connection. (there is a guide on the forum on how to do that)


for a noob like me, even with the tutorial it’s still difficult. I tried to hire someone to do it for me and they quoted me $100 with no future help. guess I’ll have to dedicate a weekend to it if i cant find a good/affordable mobile proxy provider


I’m not talking about setting up mobile proxy at home, that would be harder and expensive for sure, even if we count only hardware and for 4 account it doesn’t really worth.
But i was saying to use you HOME connection as proxy, your fiber, that’s very easy, and the tutorials on the forum will guide you on every step, rasp with an eternet adapter cost like 10 bucks, you will have to spend like 1/2 hours to have it up and then you’re set, with a good quality proxy, or just buy some around, would be lower quality tho, depends on what you need.


Can I do this on a university IP? I am currently not at home where I used to run 3-5 accounts on my home IP and then all the others on proxies.

Not sure how running Jarvee in a university internet connection would work. In theory it should be a trusted IP.
Better to have Jarvee on a VPS and use datacentre proxies for F+U. You can then manage everything remotely.
You won’t be able to set up a raspberry PI proxy at the university.