Running thousands of scrapers, can I?

As I know Jarvee has 500 accounts licenses and I had 250 accounts license in the past and it was freezing like crazy. Now as I read on the forum that you need 5-7 scrapers for 1 main, that would be a huge amount of accounts to be run. Can you please advise is it possible to run lots of scrapers on the same server? Like thousands? Do scrapers with their “only API calls” using a lot of resources, comparing with mains, who use a browser? Thank you, guys!

Yes, it’s possible to add thousands scraper accounts on the same server. You can add unlimited scraper accounts when you have Professional plan or higher plan. The scraper accounts won’t use as many resources as the main accounts since they don’t use EB.

Thanks, friend, but what are the expenses? If I run them on 4g as I do for mains the price is ridiculously high for me. I don’t know if it’s true but I heard you can use 1 datacenter proxy -> 10 scrapers, but, even if that is true the cost is still very high. Any advice?

There is this function

might help you man

Oh and also you may need this

If you want to run thousands of scrapers, you will have to pay for them to run them.

10 Accounts on 1 DC proxy is a bad idea.
Let’s say you rent a 4G modem @ $20, onboard 10 scrapers per account that would be $2 per scraper.
If you purchase a Datacenter proxy, pricing can be anywhere from a few cents to a dollar depending on the quality and so on. I would not suggest going over a 3:1 ratio if you don’t know how to handle it - and even then 1:1 is always preferred.

If the prices are too steep, maybe what you want to do is simply not viable in that scale :slight_smile:

Thanks friend, how many scrapers you run for 1 main, to have max settings done for it?

this kind of question is not a good question to ask mate. You should really consider utilising the search feature until you know what kind of questions to ask.

how many scrapers you run can vary from 1 to 25. Generally it is recommended to have at least 5 but you will find people who will say you can get by with way less or way more.

I personally run 20 scrapers per main due to the number of results I need per main account per day, due to the filters complexity and to have way less disabled accounts as I hate replacing them every day.

Will you need the less or more? well it depends on your filters, your results, your daily actions cap on the main, your proxy type, your proxy quality, your settings, your mp knowledge, your ability to figure things out and improve and finally to adapt to changes by IG which come more often as any of us would like.

It’s easy to theorize and think you can get the right answers and then you just do what you been told and you’ll succeed reaching your financial goals in a couple of months.

Start small, figure out what works and then scale up slowly. If you’ll go as big as you plan to - your mistakes will cost you 10x price and 10x brain cells and you’ll throw in the towel before you ever see any results being yet another guy who tried IG automation and now go around saying it’s dead lol.


The short answer is, Yes!

Also, Yes they use less resources.

Thank you for the informative answer, yes, I tried in the past and failed, in 2019, when the big update came, I bought computers, residential proxies, and stuff like that. Now I want to try again but don’t wanna spend the money again for resources and get a total follow blocks, freezing Jarvee. You are right about “starting small”, I did that, but the moment I started expanding it happened.

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