Running up to 1000 Accounts, which server/VPS?

Hey I run a VPS (16core 32GB) for my Jarvee installation (250 accounts). But more than 200 Twitter accounts is not possible…the usage is way too high.

I cannot find VPS with better perfomance…what option do I have?
Dedicated server? How and where do I get one and could I install more than 1 Jarvee Installation? I want to run 500 accounts, even 750 or 1000 (so 4x 250 accounts).

Please let me know what setup I would need to run them smoothly in ters of CPU/RAM etc

Hey there! You can check for recommendations from our sellers on the marketplace 💨 WINDOWS SERVERS - Virtual Dedicated Server starting from 29€ / Month! - AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 2990WX + DDR4 + SSD!

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Those performances should on paper be enough for running up to 250 accounts but if you need a stronger VPS and can’t find it, then take more licenses with a lower number of account slots and spread them among multiple VPSs.

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You can run upto 500 accounts per licence but it will most likely lag. I was using a 16 core 128gb ram server with 300 accounts and the cpu and ram where low but jarvee still lagged.

Id say best to have multiple licenses and servers to keep everything under control.

Also VPS are shared. Get a server.