Safe Facebook Account Creation and Management?


What is the simple and safe way for Facebook account creation and manage them?
From Browsers, Agents and Proxies etc.


Does everything you just asked


You can create the accounts in the embedded browser. In MP, in social profiles click Add fb profile, add a proxy to it and click verify ( even if you didn’t actually add an account user and password) this will assign the proxy to this account. After that click browse and the embedded browser will open. Go through all the steps of creating an account in there, make sure to take a not of all the details you use, username, password, date of birth and so on ( just in case you need them later). After that add the username and password for that account and click verify again and you’re done.


Thanks @Johnny! This solution is simple and easy.

I have one more question. I’m targeting the local accounts. All my accounts will have location in my country.
I’ll verify the phone number in my country also. Is it a problem if I use other country proxies?

no, it should be ok, everybody has us proxies, promote in their own countries and PV with russian numbers :slight_smile: ig doesn’t seem to care for now.

Hey Johnny… I am from India can i use USA Phone numbers to verify indian Facebook accounts created using indian IPs

It should work, yes. But why PV from US, aren’t phone numbers cheaper in India that US ?

its cheaper but its very hard to purchase sims in bulk. i found out many sites offers many countries numbers online but none of them offer indian numbers because of heavy restriction in indian telecom industry.