Safe Jarvee settings

After days of researching I’ve come up with these safe settings for Jarvee. Hopefully it can help other users – if anything seems wrong please mention it.

I’m not using night mode or sleep – feedback from users here is that it’s not necessary despite being human like.

I also understand that we can have a maximum of 60 combined follows/unfollows per hour, 60 likes and 60 comments. The daily limit for these is irrelevant once we have the hourly limit at 60 or under as it is 1,440 (60x24).

Keeping our hourly max limit at 60 or under for these is enough to keep within safe limits – or am I missing something (most people don’t seem to bother with the hourly limit)?

My account is a few years old and has already been botting, but I will start off between 25-50 and 25-75 of each follows and unfollows per day, increasing by 50 to a max of 600 per day (hourly minimum will be taken from 0 to 20 after the warmup).


Thanks for your tips.

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Thank You :slight_smile:

There isn’t a perfect formula. It depends a lot about the quality of account, proxy, and usage.

Maybe some accs could follow and unfollow +1000 / + 1000 per day , maybe others over 600 gets the block action.

The only key is testing.


i would say increase time between operations and more actions per operation to reduce api calls