Safe-Limits Of A Newly Created Account?

Can’t find any article where the latest limits are mentioned.

Newly created account as in 1 month old or even less.

  1. Limit on likes per day & month?
  2. Follow limit per day & month?
  3. Unfollow limit per day & month?
  4. How much to increase per day?
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I think you won’t find any safe limits here or anywhere online.
This is because nobody can give you standard limits.
Instagram is changing very quickly and the limits also depend on many variables, not only on the age of the accounts.

I’m sorry I can’t help you, but the only sure thing is that you should test the “limits of your account” by trying step by step, starting very slowly.


Hi bro, Thanks for the reply. I got your advice, I will start with the lowest possible limit and increase step by step.

Btw how do you think GMT2 is? I’ve heard Jarvee is the best. But for a single account, it’s quite expensive. And specially when I don’t know do I really have any future with the account or not.

P.S. If you are curious, It’s basically a meme page.

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Jarvee is much more complete and the developers are constantly updating the software.
If I had to start at 0 right now, I would totally go with Jarvee.

See this as an investment, you will be amazed at the number of things you can do :slight_smile:


Yes. I have tested their free trial. It has dozens of features which I may not use also like bulk posting and all. Or may not get to use it properly because my account is new so it will have it own limit & restrictions.

Offtopic: I am from India, If I install Jarvee/GMT2 on Amazon vps, it will have it’s own IP. So basically Instagram will see I have logged in from two different countries (India & US). Will that be an issue later on?

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Growing only 1 account ; you should definitely do it manually IMO,

It takes 20 min per day…

For the limits, i do think exactly like @bluster :slight_smile:

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I was doing that bro but then due to some work I used to get forget every alternate day. Now it’s been a week since I did last.

I know it sounds lame but it all comes down to experimenting a lot and understanding limits by yourself. There is no correct answer to your question.


The reason for asking before hand is this is my only account, I don’t wanna lose it.

~10k actions per month on a 2 month avg. You will get blocks in the beginning but there should be an increase in actions over time (called pushing through blocks). Once you see no new peak in the follow graph, you reached the limit of that account. Set it ~25% under that, pause the account for a few days and observe the situation over time.

Accounts get rarely banned because of the Jarvee itself. The main reason is reports. So the only efficient way to circumvent this is sneaky promotion and proper spin syntax, etc.


Thanks will keep this in mind. :smiley:

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I agree with @denis1 . If just one account manual is a good route

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  1. Mine likes safe limit around 20-30/hour, don’t hit 50 you will get action block.
    2 3 I don’t know
  2. around 10-20 followers
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