Safe Scraping Limits

For one account in general how many accounts is safe to scrape per day inside Jarvee.

(This is if scraping is only action)

Also does anyone know how to delete rows on excel if they contain certain words/numbers.


Hey what do you want to scrap ? :slight_smile:

Google sheet is right now, an amazing scraping, fast and free machine if you know how to use it !


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I am using Jarvee to scrape but its filters are not the best - with not so many options I want to delete the kinds of accounts I don’t want.

Jarvee’s filters are amazing if you know how to use them

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Is this all I am limited to?

I guess the rest of the work is done on google sheets/excel on filtering out?

Is there a way to scrape more then one account source at once?

I am unimpressed by Jarvees scrape features as I have to scrape one user per time and don’t have additional features

What do you mean exactly? Do you have a link for a tutorial?

I dont recommend it, I made my own scrapers with python and you can run them cheaply on cloud servers for like 10 bucks a month 24/7

scrape with the follow module using “send to extracted users” if you want better filtering, the normal scrape tool is indeed kinda incomplete…

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Check that, if you take some time you can do great things with :wink:


Looks dope will check that it might be the solution im looking for.

Hey this is awesome! I was trying to learn c# web scraping, but I’ll try google sheets :+1:

I was in the same situation as you haha! I had solid python knowledge so I did all my scrape software with it. Then I discovered the importxml function in google sheet haha! :rofl:

Life changer, I swear :wink:

There used to be far less scrapping features. Trying to work some of this out on your own with an excel sheet used to be hell.

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