Safe way to promote new side business

Hi there - I have an established health account with lots of posts and content / videos and reels and close to 10k organic followers - all strictly organic.

I have recently started a new side business as a fitness mentor (my target is to help other fitness coaches - NOT end clients). I was wondering if there is any safe way to promote this / DM other fitness coaches to market this? Any service? I have seen in my own inbox 3rd party accounts which DM and market the main account - is this worthwhile? Any advice on how to approach this or is strict manual the best way? Really want to keep my account safe as it is all organic thus far and high engagement, which took a long time.

Thanks in advance


Influencers Marketing is one of the best way.

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I would go with shoutouts from other influencers in your niche.

Shoutouts and influencers are good ways for you to promote, but have tried other methods using Jarvee? Like the child/mother method to keep your main account safe!

Yes, shoutout and influencers are the best way

Yes i got more then 1k followers from a single shoutout.

shoutout and DM should work great for your try to scrape users that are interested in your service then you can DM them with explanation and offers.

Thanks for all the tips everyone!

With regards to DM method - is it ok to do this with my main account? Is there a limit on how many I should send per day etc.? If I am trying to build relationships with others in order to grow my business?

I would recommend 15 DM a day for starters then you can increase a little bit and you can use a slave account as well to DM users if you like.

It’s easier if you just setup your own little bot network to send dms to users. This can be done with Jarvee or other cloud services. Around 500 slaves cost $100-150 with each sending about 20 dms per day.

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Yes, you can DM users to let them know about what you offer. Don’t forget to incorporate spin syntax on the messages so there would be variations on the messages sent but all will convey the same idea. You can check out the file below as a guide.

You should send not send more than 20 DMs per day. If you want to send more DMs, use the mother/slave method. You can have as many slave accounts as you want, and run them in Jarvee. All of them will be used to promote your main account via DM or story.

Yeah, as suggested above. The main issue is that if you find it hard getting “Fit Pro” clients, you will find it hard getting them clients also. As it’s pretty much the same process. Just with a different script etc.

The guys I work with know exactly how to get clients, I just bring them followers or potential leads.

So, think about how you would get PT clients and use that method to get Fit Pros.

  • I am a Personal Trainer of 9 years and online coach of 3 (was making 100k), but quit online as I enjoy the marketing side more. Especially Instagram. Fitness is very saturated though, so make sure you have a lot of money to invest in your venture.

Influencer marketing in this case seems a little tricky since you aren’t targeting end clients. I would try DMing fitness coaches on Instagram. Keep in mind that these coaches might receive tens/hundreds of DMs a day, so find a way to differentiate yourself.

Also, as others have said, don’t send too many DMs in a day as you WILL get banned for doing this.