Safest place to buy Instagram accounts for M/S

Long story short, I paid someone from this group to create and run slaves accounts for my main account, it’s been 10 days after first payment and I haven’t heard a word.

So I decided to learn and do it by myself.

I believe the best way for me, since I’m new in all this is to buy 10 accounts to use as slaves and practice, where do you recommend me to buy new accounts and what else should I be aware before starting my journey?

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Just create them yourself via mobile device so you don’t get ripped off again bro.

I was recommended a number by Wortime here;

I was reading about buying 2 sim cards and creating 5 accounts in each one, would that be the best way to create 10 accounts?

Hey man care to name who that was? Would be pretty helpful.

I was thinking in giving him more time before posting his name, I already proceeded with the dispute with my credit card company

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You can just create them via 4G and Device Emulator Pro on a rooted android.

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I’m following your steps

Any recommendations?

Ok if it doesn’t work out it would be helpful to know who it was so as to not bring them any more business