Safest pre-lander link you can use?

Does instagram ban twitter and google+ links?

You can use Twitter links. Google+ tends to have lower Click-through rate so I wouldn’t recommend.
You can also use Wordpress and Blogger blogs. I personally use Wordpress blogs. :slight_smile:


Are you guys using shorteners in the IG Bio or just linking directly to your prelanders? Haven’t used Twitter links so far though, any experience with them?

I always put shortened link to my weebly prelander. There are 3 reasons:

  1. Tracking
  2. url is shorter and looks nicer
  3. All direct links in bio to my self hosted pages resulted with IG ban
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How long have you been running those shorteners for? As far as I’m concerned IG does not like shorteners that much, for instance, links are causing immediate bans lately.

I started putting them in September, the oldest one is still there. At the moment I have around 25 links and adding one or two every day

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cool, I assume you are re-directing them to your pre-lander, right? Seems like the shorteners are the only ones causing instant bans on the IG enviroment… interesting

See, I’m a little confused by this.

If I’m understanding correctly, @Cryogenesis, your flow looks something like this:

IG -> Page -> Landing page with content locker

Is that correct? Because I know you can’t use javascript on for the content locker.

I guess you’re having pretty good luck with that based on the earnings you’ve posted so I don’t doubt you. Seems like the ideal setup would be to send them straight to your landing page with the locker? Less chance to change their mind on the pre-lander.

I have several domain names - namecheap .88’s - that I’ve bought to host landing pages that I can send them directly to. But it seems like IG doesn’t like those TLDs - .club, .guru, etc. The only accounts I’ve ever had banned were banned after adding links to those domains - and I hadn’t even gotten around to setting up the lander yet.

I guess what I’m getting at - what’s the best - and most direct - method to get someone from your IG profile to your landing page? I don’t mind buying .com’s & using them, but I’d rather not shell out $8 / domain name for 25 or 30 IG accounts.

I also tried the Google+ method from the other thread earlier today. Posted a direct link to one of my CPAGrip offers - and the posts were deleted by Google immediately after I posted… so that didn’t seem to work.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. Very helpful information.

@trolling4dollars Cryogenesis’ “method” is just like you described it:

IG --> web 2.0 --> LP with c. locker

If you put a link directly to your offer, even using a .com domain or a shortener in your IG profile, your account will be banned for sure.

You don’y have to use .com domains for the prelanding, use webs 2.0, simple.


I too follow your journey on BHW @Cryogenesis
Welcome to this forum…

Your LPs links are dead…Can you please Reupload them to mega/onedrive?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you want your domains to get banned within a week and you wanna keep buying new domains every 3-4 days then yes, that would be the ideal setup.
I’ve done it all. I started with linking to naked domains i.e Bitly > Main LP
That worked for a while. But IG would keep banning by domains by the end of the week so I had to buy new ones each time. And then in the month of April, I started getting instant-banned. I tried using different Proxies,accounts,TLDs,VPSs and whatnot and at the end I was convinced that the domains were the problem. I’d use my domains so much that IG would instantly ban my accounts at the first hint of them (as soon as I added them to an account). I wouldn’t even get the chance to follow a person. I spent a whole lot of money in April trying to fix this problem. I would set up 50 accounts every day to test a new variable that would could cause bans and within 5 minutes, they’d all get insta-banned.

This is when I realized that churn-n-burn wouldn’t work anymore and I needed to GROW my accounts and cloaking my LPs. So instead of making accounts follow 700 people on Day1, I started warming them up for 3-4 days and then slowly added a Wordpress link with my LP on it and it worked. So I’ve been following that pattern ever since. I’ve only had 1account banned in the past 5-6 months. That says it all.

I have over 400 .XYZs domains cuz I used to buy a few domains every week back then. And now I’m using my banned domains and cloaking them with Wordpress pages and they don’t get banned. Yeah, banned domains while being cloaked with Wordpress pre-landers can be used. Whatever I have suggested is so that people don’t have to spend as much as money as I did trying to work out issues with Instagram.

Will do mate. :slight_smile:


@Cryogenesis I’ve gotten a ton of info from your BHW thread in the past, thanks for taking the time to share!

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Hey, do you mind sharing how you cloak your domains?..

Add a clickable button and your link to it. Instagram doesn’t follow click-through redirects.


@Cryogenesis do you consider using tumblr pre landers? and what url shortener you recommend bitly or

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