Safest Way to Buy Twitter Account?

Someone reached out to us on IG asking if we want to buy their Twitter account page.

We’re interested but we’re not sure how to purchase the page without them able to retrieve it back via some method after the payments been sent.

They said on Twitter there is no such thing as ‘original’ email? And that once the password & email are changed, they cannot gain access back to it anymore. Is that true?

Thanks so much!

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This is not true at all. I had an accounts taken back by an individual about 2 months after because they had the original email.

Safest way is to get the original email, which unfortunately isn’t always possible.

Oh shit really? How are they able to recover the account with the original email though?

“Help my account is hacked.”

Hmm okay got it. So there is no safe proof way to secure the account unless we have access to the original email used to create the account right?

Not even with 2 step verification after the deal is done?

Nope, as long as they report it as hacked it’s bye bye.

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And just guessing without doing Twitter, but you’d probably want to change the original email’s password, and remove any recovery emails that are attached to it as they could the email and still hack the account.

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If they’re in the same country as you then get them to sign a contract and send you a photo of their ID.

I use this method as more of a scare tactic than a realistic one. If the deal is under a few thousand then it’s not really realistic to file a lawsuit, but if you have their info and they’re legally obligated then it’s a deterrent. Most people wouldn’t want to risk being in legal trouble. They’re more likely to scam if they are under an alias.


Use this only as a 100% scare tactic and not even a single % as a real one, as you would be laughed out of court or maybe even charged, seeing as buying/selling Twitter accounts is against their ToS.

Not exactly true … You’re claiming that if you sold an Instagram for $30k then you could just scam with no legal action that can be taken against you. At the end of the day, you’re still stealing $30k and legal action can be taken.

Doesn’t matter what price tag you throw on it, $5, $30k, $300k - Social Media accounts CANNOT legally be sold. Such is the case with Instagram, Twitter and probably every other Social Media Platform out there.

As soon as you buy a Social Media Account, you are putting a lot of trust into the seller, not usually an issue with anyone with reputation. However, should they decide to take that account back from you, there is absolutely nothing you can do, and you especially could not sue them or take legal action against them. I’m not a lawyer, and you’re definitely not a lawyer, it would be interesting if anyone could actually dig up a news article or more information relating to this.

I’m surprised it’s not common sense for you to think that if it’s against Twitter’s ToS to sell accounts, that would mean any kind of purchase of accounts would be void of legal action, and should only be done so at your own risk.

A platforms terms and conditions are not law and should not be treated as such. Laws differ in each country and to assume that the terms and conditions of a website would trump the law of every country or contract is a bit ignorant.

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Find a trusted middleman service and be sure to have ALL the details that may be used to take the account back

I would still think that regardless of what country you are in, the contract would be void and you would be buying that account 100% at your own risk. As soon as Twitter or Instagram caught wind of the transaction, the account would probably be suspended anyway. Would the judge try and order the seller to return the buyer’s money? I guess it’s a possibility. I can’t find anything online that would lean towards one side or the other. Personally, I think the contract would do absolutely nothing (other than a scare tactic assurance) and you would be buying the account 100% at-your-own-risk.

All this being said, I have purhcased many accounts before in the $60-$500 up to $1.2-1.5k range and I’ve never had any issues, but I knew the risk I was taking and had slight trust in the sellers before doing so.

I have sold networks in the 5 figure range and signed contracts written by lawyers. Either these lawyers were just writing contracts that can’t be enforced or they know more about the law than you.

Lawyers will write contracts for money fully well knowing they won’t hold up in court. This is especially true if you’re talking about ‘any country’ and not just first world countries. Have dealt with multiple lawyers outside of social media in 5 figure range. Not going to banter anymore about this but would like to hear someone else’s opinion. Personally I stand behind, you buy a social media account, you are doing so 100% at your own risk, and contract would be completely void.