Safest way to sell IG account?

Hi all!

I’m planning on putting up for sale an instagram gaming meme account with almost 140k followers and great engagement and wanted to ask what is the safest way to do so?

I read online not to use Paypal as disputes can occur. Using the search here, I found that it’s recommended to use SWAPD, but I don’t know how much they charge.

Does anyone have any other recommendations or tips on how to safely sell an account? Is bitcoin recommended?

Thanks in advance!

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SWAPD sux for me at least…only resellers,they all want 80% disscount and plus you have to cover swapd fees and bank fees.
Use fameswap,and use
I sold around 120 accounts in the past 6 months and never had any issue (never used escrow i used paypal directly),i guess i was lucky…


Thanks, I’ll check out the fees :slight_smile:

Doesn’t famewsap have it’s own escrow service?

I would recommend you use bitcoin or fameswap. they have its own escrow service. their fee is 5% of listing price/$50 minimum.

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I would not use fameswap - it is a scam site.

I would use epicnpc and their middleman to be 100% sure. I have made countless buys and sells there.

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I never used fameswap escrow service,but i did get many buyers from fameswap,they just payed with paypal.


you can go with bitcoin.

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1% of real people know what bitcoin is and 0.01 of those people would trust to send bitcoin.
Bitcoin is used mostly by resellers and you want to stay away from those cheap buyers.

I’ll check them out, thanks!

Interesting, well I thought it was more common

heard many un-success stories with fameswap and escrow , would not use them

paypal f&f , bank , crypto

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Thanks for the suggestions!

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I had success stories with fameswap, assuming you are a trust worthy person then find a buyer who agree to pay you upfront as family and friends/gift via paypal and believe me you will find just be patient, and after receiving the payment just do your part and give him the account and all will be ok.

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