Safety of purchased instagram accounts

Hi guys.

I’d like to automate about 10-15 instagram accounts (don’t have them yet).
I want to apply as much safety as possible. And one thing is not clear to me.

Let’s compare two situations:

  1. I create new accounts from purchased proxies, warm them up, and wait till they get aged.
  2. I buy aged accounts (from let’s say 123accs). Transfer them to private proxies and I start with higher volume of social actions after initial warm up = faster follower gain.

So obviously I’d like to go for option nr 2. But how it is in terms of safety? IP’s where the purchased accounts were created remain unknown and can cause a ban in the future. What would you do?


If it’s me, I’d go with creating new ones using the proxy that you will attach to the account. You can create them in the embedded browser. But it’s still up to you, you can experiment on creating new ones and slowly growing it as well as buying maybe 2-3 aged accts and compare the results at the end.


Did you have any results experimenting with these two options? How did you go with accounts from 123accs, if you tried them?