Same link on multiple IG profiles

So i know it’s not good to have the same link on multiple profiles. Also i know redirects don’t help.

But my question is : will IG block / suspend the account for pointing to the same landing page (and by that i mean the same content) or will it block for pointing to the same URL ?

Side questions :

  1. if i use the exact same landing page on different web 2.0 sites (weebly or wordpress for example - or even subdomains of my own domain) - they will be on different subdomains but the content will be the same - will my IG accounts get blocked?
  2. if use different internal urls of my own domain ( ; ; etc) and use different content on each page will my IG accounts get blocked?
  3. if i link to a single public page (facebook or google+ for example) from multiple IG accounts, will that get them blocked?

Truth is, you won’t know until you test it for yourselves. There have been many discussions and topics around this subject, just search.

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Been reading all the discussion here but none of them saying why IG will block a profile. People just say that you should do (or not do) this and that, but no one gives a rational reason for it.

The only reason i’m asking this is because i started out with a few IG accounts and now i want to scale up.
If i do that, i have 2 ways to go :

  1. a lot of pre-landing pages, one for each account (and the time needed to manage them and add a each landing page to each account)
  2. a clever cloaker / redirect script for the IG bot or maybe another solution to fool IG but not real visitors

No matter which way i go, an investment is needed : i would definitely love to use option 2 as it’s a one time thing and scaling up won’t require any extra cost (both time and money).

But i just need to know (from people who already did some testing) why IG is blocking accounts (related to links) : is it because it’s the same URL? or the same content?

Same url is definitely a problem, did you check these topics?
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I’m using a naked urls in may IG accounts 1 domain for 8 accounts , i see many visits from IG crawlers especially when i add this domains to the new accounts ,i get PV often and the ban rate is very high this way so it’s not recommended if you are planing to run many accounts , i’m now about to use a pree-landers and compare the results, if the results are the same or little better i will go with 1 domain per account or use a cloaker if found .

I do not use CPA or anything, but I run multiple links to my domain and never get PV’d or banned. Granted, all links are “whitehat” and nothing super crazy. So I guess they really crack down on non "whitehat’ serviecs eh?

that means the url itself is not a problem - it may be the content on that url that triggers the pv or ban. this means i can definitely create a cloaker (the current ones don’t work properly) and implement it, instead of using hundreds of different pre-landers.

Honestly, aside from being aggressive, bad auto comments or spammy McSpammerson DM’s, content or deceptive links will get reported, leading to the ban. At least in my case.

yes, that’s what i thought, the url itself doesn’t seem to be the cause for a ban - unless you get reported or the IG bot can see that the actual landing page is either spammy or promoting non “white hat” products / services.

I have three accounts 28K, 20K, 12K that have the same URL.
These are very “tame” accounts though, they are all older than 1 year, and run on slow speeds with a lot of rest.

The page they link to is a very normal business page, nothing for sale.

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that’s good to hear, i am in a similar position : have 5 fresh IG accounts (about 1 month old, created them myself) and they all have exactly the same link - a legit website (mine) selling legit products (clothing and accessories). accounts are still fine, got PV just once, for a few of them but nothing else.

so it seems the problem is with the actual content of the page or (maybe) if many people report you.

i was thinking to build a proper landing page - lots of proper content (text + images > copied from somewhere) and when a real user gets there via instagram, redirect him to the actual CPA offer and when the IG bot / crawler gets there, keep him on that page.

Even if the URL isn’t 100% the issue and the content play a big role based on your test with 5 accounts, it’s still not a good idea to use the same link in a lot of accounts as that will link them together and you will make it super easy for Instagram to get suspicious about them. It’s always better safe than sorry.

make landing page with blogspot…create mutiple blogspot…just do difference name blogspot… and add at your link mutiple insta… only suggestion…

I use link to Line chat account via I tried to hack the link (add extra parameters to make it unique), but was able to make two versions of same link only:
With this I got 6 links - 6 different Instagram accounts (3 per one Line account). I could try to push to 10 links (5 per one account), as I had it working before, bit not sure if it is good idea. It is easy to create new Line account with autoresponder message…