Same proxy for IG and FB?

The tilte already say everything.
I belive is a no, since they share many stuff and so i belive the IP checking, but since i never tried, it’s actually like this? Will just get trouble for eachothers if one get cougth?

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It seems to have been an okay thing in the past, but I’m not sure what to say nowadays. Since I’m hoping to put some accounts back on Facebook I’d like to think it’s fine. But things have changed lately - Facebook is much harder, and IG is more strict in certain areas. Maybe they have gotten more strict with connecting accounts on the same proxies between platforms.

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I wouldn’t use the same proxy on IG and FB since it’s the same shit

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they’re the same .

I haven’t tested it, but in theory if you have an IG account tied to an FB page managed on the same proxy that’d be more human like wouldn’t it?

Most people access their various social media from the same connection. Completed disconnected accounts I’d definitely stay away from sharing non-mobile proxies

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Don’t know why are people saying no… @Tacos has a good thought.
Normal people uses the same conection for both social platforms. I think it gives more trust when you’re using both not at the same time but rotating

Having a FB account linked to IG help with trustrate, so you way that having it doing action is something that ig actually consider?

My main question was referring to them as unlinked tho, like they actually were 2 different platforms, everybody agrees so far, looking for someone with direct experience before closing this! :smiley:

Ohh yes maybe not good ideia :sweat_smile:

as said above, if the FB account and IG account are related, then I would use the same proxy as it would appear more like a valid user.

However, if the FB and IG accounts are unrelated, then i would use separate proxies for the simple reason that if one account gets flagged, the the other account would be in jeopardy as well (since FB owns IG, they can very easily compare traffic source information and blacklist on both platforms if either finds the source to be an offender)

If you Instagram account is link to your facebook then yes using the same proxy is smart, else I doubt :slight_smile:

This, taco is in line with what I would do
If the accounts are linked, it is wise to use same IP. If not avoid same IP if ya don’t want fingerprints.
else go for it.