Sanitizing Twitter Accounts

Say I had 50 accounts that I wanted to re-purpose, and let’s say that I don’t want all of the old tweets being seen by potential new followers in my new niche.

Is there a quick & dirty way to delete all of your past tweets?

Were those tweets posted through MP? If yes, are they still in the History tab of the campaign?

Not that I’m aware of. The only option is to manually delete them one by one. A very tedious process

Some, not everything. Some things were posted with Followliker back in the day… but can I use the history to clear at least some of the tweets?

If the posts are still in the Campaign History tab, you can set the campaign to auto-delete those posts in Campaign Advanced Settings < Twitter tab or you can click the ‘Delete Post’ action of the post (not just the ‘Delete’ option) in History tab and it will be scheduled for deletion. Please note that the campaign should be running for the Delete Post to work.


Thanks so much. That’ll be a huge huge help!

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@trolling4dollars If they are tweets not sent through MP, you can also use this, worked like a charm for me!


You the man! Thanks!


you could also try this,its free.


Yeap was using the same :slight_smile:

If you have followliker there is a feature to delete all posts

Was Followliker somehow related to MP? There are import options, lots of people used it around the forum…

No, totally unrelated. It’s another bot for IG / Twitter / etc. Early on, it was the gold standard - however MP has, IMO, blown past it in the past year.

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Yeah, I’ve seen it and was tempted to use it a few times. The lifetime license and all… Sometimes the MP bugs drive me to fits, but this forum has been gold and what saved me from crossing over.