Santa Came Early - IG Boss/H-Gram Course!

Since everyone here is very keen on getting on hold of IG Bosses course, I want to share this with all of you.

If you all have courses you want to contribute to this forum, let this thread be the one!

So here’s the link, H-Gram is the same as IG Bosses but the entire version was officially promoted by Alex Becker.


Super! Thanks bro, appreciated!

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Thanks a lot for the share mate! Was eyeing that one.

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Nice share @senseifuel :+1:

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I hope they are some nuggets :innocent: Thanks

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Hope you guys will find this course useful since it covers the basic aspect.


Checked a bunch of the videos and not a single video shows something,just some teens talking in front of a white board,wich they don’t even use most of the time!.How much does this crap cost?Can’t believe people actualy pay good money to hear someone talk for hours and not actualy learn how to do anything.


A new niche to start in;)


Thanks for this. Do you have a link to Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA course? Thanks in advance!

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#guruslife right ? :sweat_smile:


Thank you dude!


I’m sure that this course is worth nothing as compared to Level 2 but I’m sure it serve some purpose to people who have zero knowledge on Instagram so yeah.

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So I checked a few videos. This guy says that Jarvee is a NO NO and suggests instead the use of engagement groups, which by the way will KILL you engagement and reach? I mean, is it for real?
Besides this he somewhere shows one of his accounts. I checked it and is now banned. No kidding.

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this guy is a joke:)

He just want to make some money…

Do you want to make money? a lot? Then use Jarvee:)


Hahahaha use Jarvee baby!

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I know this kind of courses are pointless but I really didn’t know they could be sooooooo bad.
Btw I’m Level 3 user…

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Most people in this forum uses Jarvee though :slight_smile:

I know. I was just referring to what the guy says: no Jarvee but yes like pods? For real? :joy:

Hey, just wondering do you have a link to Iman Gadzhi [Six Figure SMMA] course?

Appreciated! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello sensei!

I am new to this forum, and I’ve gotten a FB Ads course that I’m going through right now.

I almost downloaded this H-Gram thing, until I read your comments here. So I’m writing now to ask if you could please advise me which course to get for IG growth, promotion, and everything.

I mean out of all of these that Proxomytian mentions in another post,

  • Team Avenik - Avenik IG Course
  • Mike Balmaceda -InstaClient Academy
  • Nathan Chan - Instagram Domination 4.0.
  • Jason Stone - InstaPro Academy
  • Josh Ryan - Instagram Mastery Academy
  • Josh Forti / Josue Peña - Instagram Mastery & Monetization (H-GRAM by Alex Becker)
  • Roger & Barry - Instafy
  • Tim Karsliyev - InstaTraffic Mastery

Surely one of these must be totally worth it for complete beginners? I mean I haven’t even used my IG in a couple of years now. Hehe…

Thank you kind sir.

Edit: Ehh, I’m trying to ask you and other experienced marketers which IG course is the most useful for beginners? :slight_smile: