Saw this on a very fast growing account, Can Jarvee do this?

To me it looks like they’re running multiple spam accounts to mention users they’ve scraped from other accounts or targeted hashtags…can jarvee do this? If so what functions? I want to research them more

Any IG limits on number of @ mentions per comment or per user/hour?

thanks yall

Yes, but those limits are not so much imposed by JARVEE as they are by IG/Proxy/Account.

Yes I understand that, I guess what I mean to ask was, is there a general rule of thumb that we go by? For example everyone says not to do more than 60 actions per hour, do we know of a rule of thumb for tagging users? Its something I’d like to do with a slave account, but don’t want to get it banned the first go around :rofl:

@wortime Oh and no proxy as of now, I’ll be using my home IP and remoting into my spare laptop to manage jarvee. When the time comes I’ll hop on AWS with mobile proxies but for now to get my feet wet I’m using my home IP.

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General rule of thumb? Hopefully someone that does this can weigh in. Maybe the U P A R S E G U I D O R E S . C O M guy will finally reveal themselves.

I would STRONGLY recommend against using your home IP for anything spammy in nature. It’ll flag your IP and worse. Is it 100% guaranteed to? No. Would I risk it? Hell no.


DULY NOTED! Thank you for that. I plan to purchase proxies for spammy accounts once I get situated with jarvee. I will be using home ip for five old accounts 1+ year to perform f/uf, likes, viewing stories…no comments don’t want to risk getting flagged for spam until I figure out syntax. Was planning on trying to schedule jarvee so that none of the five accounts overlap actions. One hour for one. One hour for another cycle through the day.

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You can buy these mentions on a lot of smm panels

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