Says that it followed in summary but not really following on Twtitter

It is saying that it followed an account on the dashboard but it is not following anyone on the actual account… any thoughts around that?


Best thing to do is stop/start the tool then open the EB and watch if the user is going to be followed or not, don’t interfere with the process just watch.

Do you see those users on Results tab?

Nope just under the general Dashboard

I have the same problem.
Have you try to open the embedded browser ?

Yes you should open the EB and see what happens there if you see that Jarvee doesn’t not follow the user and report on the dashboard that it was followed successfully you should contact Jarvee support because that might be a bug on that tool.

Are you sure it says “user xxx was followed”? or did it say “following xxx”? when it says following xx, it means JV hasn’t followed that user yet, it is still checking whether the user meets your Follow tool filter or not.