SBG Here - Nice to meet you all

Been lurking/posting on this forum for a while but joined the discord chat yesterday and thought it was time to say hello!

im a london based photographer who has got addicted to social media marketing.

I still feel like i don’t know much yet but trying my best to get level 2 for more knowledge. Knowledge is power someone once said!

Recently I bought a load of Nike clothes and styled/shot my parents as a pitch to the brand as my model selection has been drastically limited!

What have you guys been up to? if i think of anything else ill add it in :slight_smile:


Hi there SBG,

I am glad that I met all of your more “personally” yesterday on the call.

Will look forward to your posts.


Thank you sir you too! :pray:t4::ok_hand:t4:


Glad you finally decided to actively participate, I see we have seveal more people like that here, welcome all of you :wink:


Indeed. To be fair i only came to the forum to gain some basic knowledge but im starting to get hooked :smiley: maybe its my highly addictive personality


Welcome @SBG

Glad to have you here. Saw you on discord last night :slight_smile: nice. Make sure you come to next one too.

Welcome @SBG, I hope that you enjoy your time here :slightly_smiling_face:

i will try my best! very informative thanks for sorting it out.

Has a date been set yet?

thank you mate appreciate it

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Not yet, I’ll check with @HenryCooper
I guess we could make it once per month.


Would love that :slight_smile:

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