(SCAM) Getting your blue verified badge on Instagram. Legit or scam?

Hi there,

Just seen someone on Instagram selling verified badges by $100. I know there’s been so many topics about this (mostly of them fakes), but the truth is that everyone’s interested on verifying their accounts.

He says that you can pay him by PayPal as family/friends, after payment he’ll submit your username by using his agency media panel. After 10-15 min “you’ll be verified”.

Please correct me if I’m wrong; as far as I know, agencies, maybe music labels as well, use media panels to verify their celebrities / artists. Is there any chance it’s not a scam? What do you guys think about?

I DON’T want to promote his “services” and I’M NOT AFFILIATED in any way, however if someone’s interested, @ohiosenategop

Sorry, if this is not allowed, kindly delete my post.

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scam scam scam

I guess they hacked one of ohiosenate.gov 's IG account’s… hacked a government social media account and is scaming off of it LOL


One thing that I’ve learned is that one of the quickest ways to tell if someone is scamming you is if they request you to pay through PayPal as “family/friends”


That, or they’re committing tax fraud lmao. I’ve had clients pay me this way in the past, as paypal doesn’t report that income at all. But via my website I have payments setup as business transactions.

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These are the best members:

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  • posting the same link with a scammy service in two threads.

What a enrichment for this community!

Sorry to say so, @houstond, but I hope they ban you from here!


Love it. Call em out!


I second that…ban >>> @houstond


Of course it’s a scam, 100$ for blue verified badge. If it was that easy, everyone would be verified on Instagram. And please ban that guy @houstond

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