Scammed by @Karthik_A

Five days ago a dispute started on one of @Karthik_A threads. He was accused of scamming by:

@SuperSuppe => Scammed with $500
@socialperks => Scammed with $650

Obviously, the scammer did not even care to defend himself, how could he anyway?

I know for a fact that both @SuperSuppe and @socialperks have PLENTY of evidence that they were scammed and lied to by this guy.

While having a dispute on his thread, I was kinda toxic because I saw the screenshots of their conversation and I can tell you @Karthik_A is so disrespectful that if you don’t have strong nerves you will literally want to punch something.

Please keep this civil and down to the facts, no need for any offensive talk or conversation.


@SuperSuppe @socialnerd @GemStone

Please provide evidence that you got scammed, without exposing private information from any party involved. Once significant amount of evidence has been presented, I will un-suspend @Karthik_A 's account to give him the ability to respond within 3 days. If he does not, the ban will be extended to a permanent one.

If it is required to provide private information, please send me a PM with the exact details of what you are trying to proof, so I can confirm here in public that the information you provided is correct.

@GemStone I removed all the non-shitlist-related information in your original post. Feel free to change the title back to something more on-topic, but please leave out any other non-topic sentiments.

@SuperSuppe @socialnerd @GemStone @DemiGod @Adi_Ankonina

If you do not want to post anything public, at least send me a PM with the evidence and a good reason why you prefer to keep this private.

Otherwise, I need to close this shitlist thread and the @Karthik_A will be unbanned.

@HenryCooper I think these people have just moved on with this subject since everything was so overly discussed in the original thread by the OP. Also I feel they sent you the info but @SuperSuppe sent you everything already and will send again, Im aware that he is busy but he will resubmit. I will also send you a couple things myself :wink:

@HenryCooper sent you everything already via PM days ago

@HenryCooper I sent you evidence via PM days ago as well.

I haven’t replied because people already sent you everything days ago, I thought its a close subject and he remains banned for obvious reasons. He did not even reply to accusations, what else do you need?


You opened a shitlist thread but I did not receive any evidence from you yet. Please send me all the required information if you don’t want to post it in the public section.

I am quite confused about this whole outcry, everyone involved was so eager to get this handled, I did my best to get things going and approved and now this is getting dragged along for no particular reason.

What I received is sadly not proving anything. Please send me more information / screenshots. I also just sent you a PM about this.


@Karthik_A Your account has been unlocked and you have 3 days to respond to this shit list thread. You have been accused by @Adi_Ankonina to not deliver the goods and services your promised.

If you are for whatever reason not able to login into your account, you can also contact me here:

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Check your PM. I just sent you the whole conversation - his training offer, payment process and lack of any response to many of my reminders regarding the training that I paid for. If that’s not enough - then I don’t know what else you need to ban him on the forum.

@GemStone @SuperSuppe @socialperks @DemiGod @Adi_Ankonina @Hank9991

Nobody replies on this topic because everyone has already commented on the previous two topics weeks ago (in his sales thread and in a specially created thread that was closed before creating this - third thread on the same subject). Not only everyone has been tired of participating in this for weeks, but each of the dozen or so deceived people can see that there is nothing to fight for anymore, as @Karthik_A doesn’t care about this forum - his last login here was over half a month ago.

I hope that the evidence I sent, which directly points to the theft of money, will finally allow this topic to be closed.

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Sent PM weeks ago with evidence/ screenshots after writing on the previous thread. At this point it’s almost quite clear the scammer doesn’t intend to return/ reimburse, so I’ve just considered it ‘a lesson’ and moved on.

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Yeah because people like to cry, but when it comes to putting the work in you need to poke them.

@GemStone Thank you for opening the Shitlist thread.

@Adi_Ankonina thank you for providing proper evidence.

Because the accused did not respond to either this Shitlist thread or in-person (to me in this case), the temporary ban got extended to a permanent one.


@GemStone @SuperSuppe @socialperks @Hank9991 @Kacper_Kiedrowski

The reason why I asked for evidence again in this shitlist thread is to ensure a fair and transparent process for this and all the future shitlist threads. Making decisions and sharing evidence behind closed doors does not really go in line with that.