Scammed once again ? Really angry

I hired someone to do ig marketing for me, child account method.
… i’m to mad to explan in details so i’ll skip them
I paid the service and yesterday i received like 65 non targetted followers. They did only follow and i got them in under 2-3 minutes
So i’ve told him it’s wierd, it looks like smm panel. But he said he will target them better with time.

I think he tries to scam me, they don’t even talk my language. They don’t follow the source i gave him. They don’t interract with my profile etc …

Today i got exactly 100 followers from america ( continent not us :slight_smile: ) Same thing.
He has not responded since yesterday after midnight.

Forgot to say i got the followers nearly at 02 AM the two times.

I’m starting to feel really angry. i have used paypal and paid most amount through my bank account. So it should be no big deal to get money back.

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do you really have to ask ? it’s obvious mate , you’re being scammed .
maybe you’re not paying him enough ?


Based on what you’ve told us, you already know the answer. Two waves of suspicious looking accounts following your profile at 2am… Is this someone in this forum?

The sooner you open a Paypal dispute, the better. In the dispute, you can say you paid this person to provide a SMM service on Instagram and that they just added fake followers to curry you favour. It doesn’t matter whether the payment came from Paypal credit or via your bank account.

I opened a dispute against a proxy provider who provided proxies and made promises that were not met. I received a full refund.

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Hey, thanks. I appreciate that.
I don’t think he is on this forum.

Hey, i wasn’t sure. i have never used smm panels.

Don’t just trust random guys offering m/s. I assume you picked him over known providers becuase he offered you the service for cheaper. So many people doing that mistake…


@Kgnkr Never go with people who offer you very cheap prices, especially for M/S. You have to go with reliable provider who have vouches and some proof of growth. Those cheap providers can scam you just by filling your account with fake followers, and as a result - you will lose your time, your money, and most importantly - your account will be filled up with fake followers who will harm your account’s reach, engagement rate, trust score, etc.

If you are looking for a great M/S provider, I would highly recommend you to contact @StayStyled. He has a lot of clients and offering very high-quality service. He has a lot of clients, so I think he has a waiting list or something because in most cases he is full with clients and not accepting new ones. So if you want to grow your account, contact that guy.

Good luck!


he put the fault on his partner business
So he is offering to do the service now or give refund. Still thinking what to chose

i know @StayStyled surely offers great service. it 's just a bit over my budget

Prices were not cheap

thanks for the advice

Bad service: half the price for 4x worse results than good service, think about that :slight_smile:


So sorry to hear that you have been scammed.
At this time (with the new updates) M/S is honestly just so insanely challenging, so only the truly insane have survived. Haha. If it’s something you really want, @StayStyled is one of the best and you won’t be disappointed. His prices are absolutely fair and anyone who does it right will charge the same or more. You’ll be in good hands! Good luck!!


You’ll regret this mentality when you realize that prices are only going to get higher over time.

Growth is HUGELY underpriced right now.

Anyone that rides this wave and is managing a 10M network in 5 years will have their own personal gold mine once all the cheap growth is ruined by IG with harsher limits on automation.

Meanwhile people are still being cheap about it, going in with absurd expectations and end up being scammed because of their own innocence.


I don’t have access to Lvl2 market place. Can someone recommend a few trust worthy M/S services providers in Lvl2 market place whose operations are not too crippled by the recent blocks (I assume experts in Lvl2 are way better at handling the blocks than most of us in Lvl1) and are still taking on new clients. You can PM me info if that shouldn’t be public information in a Lvl1 thread. I have been writing and my own bot and have small S/M system (12 Childs) since beginning of the year that working pretty well before June but all these recent blocks are talking up too much my free time to manage. I rather spend my time on creating amazing content for my main travel account and figure I would just outsource the M/S part to someone who can do it in scale (50-100 child) successful. Thanks in advance for helping.


I don’t have a budget per se. I value return on investment more than a budget cap. So if they can demonstrate they can truly provide reliable service, I will consider it.