Scammed ? What if ??

Hi everyone !

I will explain my situation to you so you can tell me the best things to do in this situation and i think it could benefits for many people here

I bought the 21may an ig management service(mother/child 50account). This type of service needs some preparation so normally he should have started 4 weeks after. With the ig update i has not been able to deliver in time and i understand it, he told me he would deliver Friday 21
But he dis not. And now he don’t respond anymore.

It is not the first time he does not respond me and now he hasn’t responded since Thursday. Note that he had to send me some info on Wednesday but hasn’t.

Yesterday i asked for a refund but he didn’t answered

I wanted to know how can i get a refund since i paid with paypal directly with the money on my bank account

Thanks for your answers

You can dispute the payment with paypal.
Message him one more time saying that if he doesn’t reply you will file a dispute with Paypal.
Usualy internet marketers are on 24/7 or at least have acces to emails,so if he hasn’t replyed yet, he has no intention of doing so.

If you didn’t send the money as family and friends, but instead as paying for a service, you can open a dispute with paypal to get your money back!

Thanks for your answers it is really helping
I paid through service in paypal
The thing that bothers me is that paypal don’t like that we use their platform to pay for social media marketing

You will get your money back. Paypal is VERY buyer friendly! On the other hand, if you sell not-material stuff like a service/ software youre really fucked as a seller, because a scammer will get his money back - if he just says “there was a problem” and opens a dispute.
SO for you - just open a dispute and you will get your money back.