Scammer or not a scammer?

Hey guys, bit of a crazy question I know but I’ve been burnt before.

I’ve got an ig management client who joined up last month, his first payment he sent was a payment that took a week to arrive. I’m not sure how he sent it but it was weird, so I stopped managing his account until it arrived and then it said payment didn’t arrive so he must have stopped it on his end. We did this twice until I said to him sorry I’m only accepting PayPal friends and family from you because of 2 failed payment attempts through this other method he was trying on PayPal which took a week to arrive apparently. So he sent me his first monthly payment as friends and family eventually.

His next payment is coming up, just received a message from him saying he’s going to be paying me a new way this month and not to take the money out automatically, I wasn’t going to anyway as he’s my only client not on recurring payments due to the suspiciousness of the first payment - I was just going to get him to send friends and family again.

So he tells me he has a new card and PayPal account and he’s going to be sending the money from there this time.

Should I just give this guy the benefit of the doubt or does it sound suspicious? I would hate to manage his account for another month only for him to charge back the payment/s. Especially if his new PayPal account is a different name to his first months payment.


Honestly, I would let him go. He doesn’t sound worth the hassle


It’s one thing to assume a payment will clear at the start if you have a good feeling with a client but the second it fails services should stop. 2 additional failures you should be doing squat for him until you have all the owed monies.

At this point I’d also have him sign an authorization letter with his full name/address/phone/etc basically stating he is hiring you for management services and payments through his paypal account (include paypal email address here) is authorized being both signed and dated.

Because I’d half expect even if that payment clears there’ll be a chargeback in the future.


Yeah, I stopped all management until the first payment eventually came in as a friends and family payment on PayPal. Then started again and have been going again for almost a month now.

Then today, I receive a message as the next payment date is coming up saying he’s paying a different way this month.

A new credit card and paypal account.

Basically just told him what you told me that he’ll be needing to sign something like you just mentioned. Fully expecting him to run now and not renew. Probably for the best.

Just called him and he was happy to sign something, we’ll see what happens.

Is he Canadian? Most of the International payments they send go as e-checks, even if they pay with credit/debit card. So either he is canceling the check or doesn’t have much money on the bank account and doesn’t know that he has to keep those let’s say $100 on the balance for 5-7 days until it clears out.

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Yes, he is from Toronto

Just tell him that he can’t spend that money until it clears out because he may think that it left his account as soon as he paid when in fact it takes 5-7 days.
People can scam you this way but I wouldn’t worry, just turn on Jarvee to do the work, if he scams you, threaten him that you will send him thousands of fake followers and comments saying “scammer” lol

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As long as you got the turn off button on Jarvee, this is a game you’ll always win.
Tell him that every time he is late, the service will be on hold untill the transaction is done.
Once the $$ arrives you just turn on his service.
Don’t make it harder than it actually is.

Your good bro. As long as you are the service provider you’ll win.

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Cheers for the help guys. Going to send him an authorisation letter before he makes his next payment to sign as well incase he tries to charge back in the future. Not really worried about him getting the service for free as I just stop account actions for any late payers, more worried about future charge backs.

Time for his payment has come up, have messaged him letting him know and no response… told him all actions have now stopped. Looks like the call about needing a signature has scared him away, probably a scammer

Do they? I pay people all the time internationally (and I’m Canadian) and there aren’t 3-7 day wait periods on my payments to people.

The delay is based on his method of payment, not his country of origin. Although if paying from bank account/debit card than yes it would be an ACH based transaction. It’s still based on his method of payment though :wink:

Maybe Paypal sees it as an e-check. I’ve received 50+ payments from Canadians for different reasons and every single payment was an e-check.